Document.cpp File Reference

Implement the Document::Document class. More...

#include "Document.h"
#include <istream>
#include <vector>
#include <libtrack/Track.h>

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namespace  Document


 Document::Document (const Track::Theme &theme)
 Document::Document (std::istream &source, const Track::Theme &theme)
 Document::~Document ()
void Document::do_command (boost::shared_ptr< DocumentDelta > delta)
void Document::preview_command (boost::shared_ptr< DocumentDelta > delta)
void Document::cancel_preview ()
void Document::undo_command ()
void Document::redo_command ()
sigc::signal< void > Document::signal_command_run ()
bool Document::get_undo_avaliable () const
bool Document::get_redo_avaliable () const
void Document::save (std::ostream &destination)
bool Document::is_saved () const
const Track::TrackDocument::get_track () const
unsigned int Document::get_changes_since_save () const

Detailed Description

Implement the Document::Document class.

James Legg

Definition in file Document.cpp.

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