Debug.h File Reference

Define some useful symbols for debugging. More...

#include <cassert>
#include <iostream>

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#define DEBUG_MESSAGE(text)
#define PRINT_STUB_MESSAGE   std::cout << "Not implemented yet: " __FILE__ ":" << __LINE__ << std::endl
#define BUILD_TIME   __DATE__ __TIME__

Detailed Description

Define some useful symbols for debugging.

In release build (where NDEBUG is defined) these work quite differently.

James Legg

Definition in file Debug.h.

Define Documentation

#define BUILD_TIME   __DATE__ __TIME__

Definition at line 33 of file Debug.h.

#define DEBUG_MESSAGE ( text   ) 


std::cout << "Debug message: (from " __FILE__ ":" << __LINE__ << ") "\
                  << text << std::endl

Definition at line 23 of file Debug.h.

#define PRINT_STUB_MESSAGE   std::cout << "Not implemented yet: " __FILE__ ":" << __LINE__ << std::endl

Definition at line 29 of file Debug.h.

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