Track::EditAssist::Dragable Class Reference

A Selectable which can be dragged. More...

#include <Dragable.h>

Inheritance diagram for Track::EditAssist::Dragable:

Track::EditAssist::Selectable Track::EditAssist::ControlPoint Track::PathVertex Track::EditAssist::LineConstrainedControlPoint Track::EditAssist::RotationHandle Track::EditAssist::SegmentConnectionHandle Track::EditAssist::TrackAttachmentHandle Track::EditAssist::EdgeStrengthHandle Track::EditAssist::VertexRotationHandle List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void snap (btVector3 &position, btVector3 normal) const
 Adjust a position the object was dragged to to the nearest valid location.
virtual boost::shared_ptr<
make_delta (btVector3 position) const =0
 Make a DocumentDelta that moves the object to a new position.

Detailed Description

A Selectable which can be dragged.

This is a base class for objects that can be moved by dragging them across a view in the editor.

Definition at line 29 of file Dragable.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual boost::shared_ptr<Document::DocumentDelta> Track::EditAssist::Dragable::make_delta ( btVector3  position  )  const [pure virtual]

Make a DocumentDelta that moves the object to a new position.

position the desired position of the Selectable after the DocumentDelta is applied.
A shared pointer to a DocumentDelta which moves the selectable from its current position to the requested position.

Implemented in Track::EditAssist::EdgeStrengthHandle, Track::EditAssist::SegmentConnectionHandle, Track::EditAssist::TrackAttachmentHandle, Track::EditAssist::VertexRotationHandle, and Track::PathVertex.

void Track::EditAssist::Dragable::snap ( btVector3 &  position,
btVector3  normal 
) const [virtual]

Adjust a position the object was dragged to to the nearest valid location.

position to adjust.
normal direction which the user cannot see as their view is looking down it.

Reimplemented in Track::EditAssist::LineConstrainedControlPoint, Track::EditAssist::RotationHandle, Track::EditAssist::SegmentConnectionHandle, and Track::EditAssist::TrackAttachmentHandle.

Definition at line 20 of file Dragable.cpp.

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