Racer Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Track::AABBBoundedAn object that can find its AxisAlignedBoundingBox
Track::AABBDrawableA drawable with an axis aligned bounding box
Engine::ALSoundSourceWrapper for an OpenAL source
Engine::AudioSingleton for managing sound effects and music
Track::AxisAlignedBoundingBoxA three dimensional volume that can be expressed as a cuboid, where each face is perpendicular to an axis
UI::BasicFontsA class that provides access to commonly used interface fonts
Track::BulletMeshA DrawableMesh which can produce shapes for the Bullet physics library
Engine::GameObjects::CarA vehicle that can be controled by a player using an input device
UI::CarSelectSceneScene for choosing controllers and cars
Document::ChangeLightingDeltaA DocumentDelta to change a Track::Track's Track::Lighting object to another one
Document::ChangePropertyDelta< Identifier, Data >Generic DocumentDelta for changing a property without adding or deleting data
Document::ChangeVertexSegmentDeltaCommand for switching the segment at a vertex in a path
Track::ClassLoader< T >An object which will be used to load a class from a file, when we are not sure of the exact type of the object when loading
Track::ClassLoaderBaseA non-template class with the properties we want of a ClassLoader
Document::ClearVertexDeltaDelta which deletes all edges attached to a vertex
Track::CollisionDeallocator< A >Deletes a collision shape and associated mesh together
UI::ContinueButtonA MenuItem for continuing a paused game
Track::EditAssist::ControlPointA Dragable point
CorruptedErrorError when the input is inconsistant with itself
Graphics::CubeMapCubemap for shiny things
Engine::daft_function_object< T >
Track::DataCheckMake sure we can access necessary data files
Track::DataCheck::FileMissingErrorError for an inaccessible file
DepreciatedVersionErrorError when a file requests a version preceeding the earliest supported version
Document::DocumentThe set of data the editor exists to manipulate
Document::DocumentDeltaAbstract base class for changes that can be made to a track
Track::EditAssist::DragableA Selectable which can be dragged
Track::DrawableBase clase for anything which can be drawn in game
Track::DrawableMeshA mesh that can be drawn using OpenGL commands
Document::EdgeSegmentFinderFind/change the segment associated with a particular edge
Document::EdgeStrengthFinderFind or set the edge gradient strength at an end of an edge edge
Track::EditAssist::EdgeStrengthHandleA handle for adjusting the gradient stength of a Track::PathEdge
EditorGuideA widget which sits near the top of the editor and shows usage hints
EditorWindowA big window for editing tracks in
Document::FlipEdgeDeltaFlip the start and finish ends of a edge
Track::FogSettingsA graphical effect that blends distant objects to a colour
FormErrorAn error in the form of the input
UI::GameStartMenuItemA Menu item that starts a game when activated
Engine::InputDeviceA keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick, wiimote, player on the other end of a network, or AI
Engine::InputDeviceAIA input device for a computer player
Engine::InputDeviceJoystickA input device that handles joystick input:
  • The Y axis is used for acceleration
Engine::InputDeviceKeyboardA input device that handles keyboard input: -WASD is used for stearing -Q/W is for sliding -arrow keys for the menu -enter / space select -Escape / backspace back
Engine::InputDeviceReplayA input device that repeats a recording
Engine::InputHandlerCoordinate all the InputDevices
Engine::InputReportA message about a players control over their car or the menu
Document::InsertDelta< InsertRemoveIdentifer, Object >Class to create an object in a Track
Document::InsertRemoveEdgeIdentifierInsertRemoveIdentifier for edges
Document::InsertRemoveIdentifier< Identifier, Object >Base class that adds or removes an object with a fixed identity
Document::InsertRemoveTrackAttachmentIdentifierInsertRemoveIdentifier for TrackAttachments
Document::InsertRemoveVertexIdentifierInsertRemoveIdentifier for vertices
Track::LightingDefines lighting and atmospheric effects for a track
LightingWindowWindow to set properties of a Track::Lighting object
Track::LightSettingsA light that illuminates the track and cars on it
LightSettingWidgetWidget to set the properties of a Track::LightSettings object
Track::LineA three dimensional line, half line, or line segment
Track::EditAssist::LineConstrainedControlPointA handle constrained to a line, half line, or line segment
Engine::LoadScene< T, Q >Load a game
MainLoopRuns the main loop
UI::MenuA graphical menu for the game
UI::MenuItemItem that appears on a menu
Track::MeshFacesDescribe some faces from a mesh
Track::MeshFaces::EdgeAn edge between two vertices in the same face
Track::MeshFaces::EdgeGraphExtra edge information useful for the graph
Track::MeshFaces::FaceA structure to store information about a single triangular face
Track::MeshFaces::FaceEdgePointersStructure used for an edge in a graph showing vertices connected by face edges
Track::MeshFaces::FaceVertexVertex information for a vertex in a face
Track::NearTrackAn object which has an attachment point to an AI mesh
NewFormA form for picking the theme of a new track
NewForm::ThemeModelColumnsDescription of data to show per theme icon
NewVersionErrorError when a file requests a version exceeding the latest we know how to process
Document::NodePositionFinderFind or set the position of a vertex
Track::OcclusionTesterTests if an object can be seen
Track::one_over_two_to_the_power_of< t >
Track::one_over_two_to_the_power_of< 0 >
Track::PathA graph describing the track layout
Track::PathEdgeInformation to store along the edges
Track::PathEdgeEndInformation about an Edge that is recorded for each end of the edge, but can be different to multiple edges at the same vertex
Track::PathVertexInformation to store at the vertices of a Path
Track::PieceDistortionDefines the transformation that can be put on a single mesh piece of a track
Track::PlaneA three dimensional plane
Document::PropertyDeltaIdentifier< Data >Virtual base class to help with the Identifer template parameter of ChangePropertyDelta
UI::QuitButtonA MenuItem for abandoning a paused game
Document::RemoveDelta< InsertRemoveIdentifer, Object >Class to remove something from a track
Document::RemoveVertexDeltaDocumentDelta which removes a vertex with all associated edges
Engine::ReplayReaderShow a replay from a stream
Engine::ResourceHandler< Content, Key, ContentConstructionInformation >Handle a large quantity of data that may be shared and used in multiple places, but we only want it loaded once
Track::EditAssist::RotationHandleA ControlPoint that stays a fixed distance from another point
Track::SavableA class that an object that can be loaded even if the class changes
Track::SaveableClassListRead and write objects of any class derived from Savable from/to a file
Engine::SceneA scene is something that occupies a MainLoop
Track::SegmentA small, distortable, part of the track with a mesh for graphics, AI navigation, the walls for the physics engine and the floors for the physics engine
Track::SegmentConnectionA description of an end of a TrackMesh that should be covered over by another track mesh
Track::EditAssist::SelectableObject that reacts to mouse clicks in an editor's view of the track
Document::SetStartPositionsDeltaCommand for creating start positions and other related tasks
Track::SkyboxBasic skybox that can be loaded from a input stream
Graphics::SkyParticlesParticles that float in the sky (rain, snow, dust, ...)
Engine::SoundBufferA sound loaded from a file
Engine::SoundInstanceA sound heard by a SoundListener because of a SoundSource
Engine::SoundListenerA point where sound is heard from
Engine::SoundSourcePlays a sound
Document::StackableDeltaA DocumentDelta that will combine the effects of other DocumentDeltas
Document::StartEdgeFinderFind a path's starting edge
Track::StartingPositionThe marker where cars start the race from
UI::SubMenuItemA MenuItem that pops up another menu when activated
Document::SymmetricDeltaA DocumentDelta where apply and unapply are the same thing
Track::TextureWrapper for OpenGL Texture object
Track::ThemeA track theme
ThemeChangedErrorError when a track refers to something that does not exist in a theme
Engine::Physics::TickObserverAbstract base class for anything that needs to be notifed when the physics engine ticks
UI::TitleSceneThe scene that shows the main menu and logos
Track::TrackA playable stage
Track::TrackAttachmentAn object in a Track that is locked to the Path
Track::EditAssist::TrackAttachmentHandleControl point for an object which can be dragged along an edge
Document::TrackAttachmentPositionFinderFind or set the position of a vertex
Track::TrackBoosterA booster attached to the track
Track::TrackMesh< T >A mesh that can be chained together and distorted to make a track with corners and twists
Track::UniqueIdentifierClass that gives its instances unique names
UnkownObjectErrorError when an object type is not known
VersionErrorError when a class is using a version not supported
Document::VertexAngleFinderFind/Change the angle of a particular vertex
Document::VertexSegmentFinderFind/Change the segment associated with a particular vertex
ViewA widget that shows a view of the track
ViewportAn interactive view of the track, with scrollbars and an OpenGL box
Engine::Physics::World::ReplayEventAn event recorded for the replay
WrongTypeErrorError when an object type does not convert to something compatible with its container

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