Engine::Physics::World Class Reference

#include <World.h>

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Public Member Functions

 World (const Track::Track &track)
virtual ~World ()
void update (unsigned int milliseconds_elapsed)
btDiscreteDynamicsWorld & get_dynamics_world ()
void add_tick_observer (TickObserver *observer)
void remove_tick_observer (TickObserver *observer)
btCollisionWorld & get_floor_world ()
 Get the world containing only the floors you can drive on.
void add_replay_report (const InputReport &report)
 Record an input report in order to create a replay.
void write_replay_events (std::ostream &stream)
 Write the events that have occured to a stream for use as a replay.
unsigned long int get_tick_number ()
 Get the number of physics ticks simulated.
const Track::Trackget_track ()
 Get a reference to the track being simulated.

Private Member Functions

Worldoperator= (const World &world)
 World (const World &world)

Private Attributes

const Track::Trackm_track
btAxisSweep3 * broadphase
btAxisSweep3 * floor_broadphase
btDefaultCollisionConfiguration * collisionConfiguration
btDefaultCollisionConfiguration * floor_collision_configuration
btCollisionDispatcher * dispatcher
btCollisionDispatcher * floor_dispatcher
btSequentialImpulseConstraintSolver * solver
btDiscreteDynamicsWorld * dynamicsWorld
 Main world for physics simulation.
btCollisionWorld * floor_world
 world containing just the surfaces you can drive on.
std::set< TickObserver * > observers
int milliseconds_remaining
std::vector< ReplayEventreplay_events
 replay data
unsigned long int tick_number
 The current tick number.


struct  ReplayEvent
 An event recorded for the replay. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file World.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Engine::Physics::World::World ( const World world  )  [private]

Engine::Physics::World::World ( const Track::Track track  ) 

Definition at line 34 of file World.cpp.

Engine::Physics::World::~World (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 74 of file World.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void Engine::Physics::World::add_replay_report ( const InputReport report  ) 

Record an input report in order to create a replay.

Replays are reconstructed from the original input. The current tick is also recorded with the report.

report to use.

Definition at line 163 of file World.cpp.

void Engine::Physics::World::add_tick_observer ( TickObserver observer  ) 

Definition at line 153 of file World.cpp.

btDiscreteDynamicsWorld & Engine::Physics::World::get_dynamics_world (  ) 

Definition at line 143 of file World.cpp.

btCollisionWorld & Engine::Physics::World::get_floor_world (  ) 

Get the world containing only the floors you can drive on.

Definition at line 148 of file World.cpp.

unsigned long int Engine::Physics::World::get_tick_number (  ) 

Get the number of physics ticks simulated.

Definition at line 211 of file World.cpp.

const Track::Track & Engine::Physics::World::get_track (  ) 

Get a reference to the track being simulated.

Definition at line 216 of file World.cpp.

World& Engine::Physics::World::operator= ( const World world  )  [private]

void Engine::Physics::World::remove_tick_observer ( TickObserver observer  ) 

Definition at line 158 of file World.cpp.

void Engine::Physics::World::update ( unsigned int  milliseconds_elapsed  ) 

Definition at line 88 of file World.cpp.

void Engine::Physics::World::write_replay_events ( std::ostream &  stream  ) 

Write the events that have occured to a stream for use as a replay.

The stream should already have data written to it tht identifies the scene and players. This just records input device presses since the scene has started, along with the tick number of each event.

stream The stream to write the data to.

record end time.

Record some absolute information so we can correct behaviour of different floating point units making the replay more portable.

Definition at line 191 of file World.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

btAxisSweep3* Engine::Physics::World::broadphase [private]

Definition at line 70 of file World.h.

btDefaultCollisionConfiguration* Engine::Physics::World::collisionConfiguration [private]

Definition at line 72 of file World.h.

btCollisionDispatcher* Engine::Physics::World::dispatcher [private]

Definition at line 74 of file World.h.

btDiscreteDynamicsWorld* Engine::Physics::World::dynamicsWorld [private]

Main world for physics simulation.

Definition at line 78 of file World.h.

btAxisSweep3* Engine::Physics::World::floor_broadphase [private]

Definition at line 71 of file World.h.

btDefaultCollisionConfiguration* Engine::Physics::World::floor_collision_configuration [private]

Definition at line 73 of file World.h.

btCollisionDispatcher* Engine::Physics::World::floor_dispatcher [private]

Definition at line 75 of file World.h.

btCollisionWorld* Engine::Physics::World::floor_world [private]

world containing just the surfaces you can drive on.

Definition at line 80 of file World.h.

const Track::Track& Engine::Physics::World::m_track [private]

Definition at line 68 of file World.h.

int Engine::Physics::World::milliseconds_remaining [private]

Definition at line 84 of file World.h.

std::set<TickObserver *> Engine::Physics::World::observers [private]

Definition at line 82 of file World.h.

std::vector<ReplayEvent> Engine::Physics::World::replay_events [private]

replay data

Definition at line 95 of file World.h.

btSequentialImpulseConstraintSolver* Engine::Physics::World::solver [private]

Definition at line 76 of file World.h.

unsigned long int Engine::Physics::World::tick_number [private]

The current tick number.

Definition at line 97 of file World.h.

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