Engine Namespace Reference

The game engine for racer. More...


class  AITrainer
class  SoundInstancePtrGainCompare
class  Audio
 Singleton for managing sound effects and music. More...
class  SoundBuffer
 A sound loaded from a file. More...
class  SoundListener
 A point where sound is heard from. More...
class  SoundSource
 Plays a sound. More...
class  SoundInstance
 A sound heard by a SoundListener because of a SoundSource. More...
class  ALSoundSource
 Wrapper for an OpenAL source. More...
class  AudioError
class  CarCamera
class  GameScene
class  InputDevice
 A keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick, wiimote, player on the other end of a network, or AI. More...
class  InputDeviceAI
 A input device for a computer player. More...
class  InputDeviceJoystick
 A input device that handles joystick input:
  • The Y axis is used for acceleration.
class  InputDeviceKeyboard
 A input device that handles keyboard input: -WASD is used for stearing -Q/W is for sliding -arrow keys for the menu -enter / space select -Escape / backspace back. More...
class  InputDeviceReplay
 A input device that repeats a recording. More...
class  InputHandler
 Coordinate all the InputDevices. More...
class  InputReport
 A message about a players control over their car or the menu. More...
class  daft_function_object
class  LoadScene
 Load a game. More...
class  ReplayReader
 Show a replay from a stream. More...
class  ResourceHandler
 Handle a large quantity of data that may be shared and used in multiple places, but we only want it loaded once. More...
class  Scene
 A scene is something that occupies a MainLoop. More...


namespace  GameObjects
 Objects which affect the gameplay.
namespace  Physics
 Objects that only do physics.


typedef ResourceHandler< Track::Texture,
std::string, std::string > 
 stores shared textures, indexed by a string name

Detailed Description

The game engine for racer.

Typedef Documentation

typedef ResourceHandler<Track::Texture, std::string, std::string> Engine::TextureStore

stores shared textures, indexed by a string name

Definition at line 40 of file GameScene.cpp.

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