Engine::Physics Namespace Reference

Objects that only do physics. More...


class  TickObserver
 Abstract base class for anything that needs to be notifed when the physics engine ticks. More...
class  World


const int milliseconds_per_tick = 12
const float seconds_per_tick = btScalar(milliseconds_per_tick) / btScalar(1000.0)
const unsigned int max_tick_count = 1000 / 12 / milliseconds_per_tick + 1

Detailed Description

Objects that only do physics.

Stuff that has a physical representation but has other game play related effects or graphics are generally in GameObjects instead.

Variable Documentation

const int Engine::Physics::milliseconds_per_tick = 12

Definition at line 25 of file World.cpp.

const float Engine::Physics::seconds_per_tick = btScalar(milliseconds_per_tick) / btScalar(1000.0)

Definition at line 26 of file World.cpp.

const unsigned int Engine::Physics::max_tick_count = 1000 / 12 / milliseconds_per_tick + 1

Definition at line 32 of file World.cpp.

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