Graphics::Window Class Reference

#include <Window.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Window ()
void swap_buffers ()
void set_ortho_projection ()
 Set OpenGL to have 1 pixel = 1 spatial unit.
unsigned int get_width () const
unsigned int get_height () const
void set_size (unsigned int width, unsigned int height, bool fullscreen=false)

Static Public Member Functions

static Windowget_instance ()

Private Member Functions

 Window ()

Private Attributes

bool created
unsigned int width
unsigned int height
bool fullscreen
int bpp
int flags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file Window.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Graphics::Window::~Window (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 89 of file Window.cpp.

Graphics::Window::Window (  )  [private]

Definition at line 22 of file Window.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int Graphics::Window::get_height (  )  const

Definition at line 108 of file Window.cpp.

Window & Graphics::Window::get_instance (  )  [static]

Definition at line 29 of file Window.cpp.

unsigned int Graphics::Window::get_width (  )  const

Definition at line 113 of file Window.cpp.

void Graphics::Window::set_ortho_projection (  ) 

Set OpenGL to have 1 pixel = 1 spatial unit.

Definition at line 100 of file Window.cpp.

void Graphics::Window::set_size ( unsigned int  width,
unsigned int  height,
bool  fullscreen = false 

Definition at line 35 of file Window.cpp.

void Graphics::Window::swap_buffers (  ) 

Definition at line 94 of file Window.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int Graphics::Window::bpp [private]

Definition at line 42 of file Window.h.

bool Graphics::Window::created [private]

Definition at line 38 of file Window.h.

int Graphics::Window::flags [private]

Definition at line 43 of file Window.h.

bool Graphics::Window::fullscreen [private]

Definition at line 41 of file Window.h.

unsigned int Graphics::Window::height [private]

Definition at line 40 of file Window.h.

unsigned int Graphics::Window::width [private]

Definition at line 39 of file Window.h.

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